Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ACAC "SMART Runner Series Four" Training Run

Let's maintain your training progress in this month and join our "ACAC SMART Runner Series Four" sessions planned for you!
We have a 3 Weeks Heart Rate Training Program catered for all levels of runners from Beginners to Advance.
Plan your training days and join us for all the 3 sessions for FREE!
We also encourage you to download The World's Smartest training app "The POLAR BEAT" today!
(Reach your training goals with the Polar Beat. Together with a Polar Bluetooth smart heart rate sensor, it's an exercise companion that is smarter than any other training app).
Link: http://www.polar.com/beat
"Train SMART. Run SMART."

Siri yang ke-empat training yang di anjurkan oleh ACAC team. Maknanya besok ada training kat MPSJ Stadium. Sesiap yang berkesempatan datang la join diorang (FREE). Kali ni latihan mengikut Heart Rate. Rasa macam nak join tapi bulan puasa ni. Nak join kene ponteng solat tarawih... :(

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