Saturday, October 4, 2014

Event day : Saucony Running Clinic 2014 - Last Session (Fartlek)

Fartlek – Known as speedplay, is a workout that incorporates fast and slow running to build a versatile cardiovascular system, reduce injury through strengthening of leg, improvement of pace and lactate threshold level. Preferably done at hilly areas and to use landmarks such as lamp post, bins and tress as guides. Eg. To sprint from tree to tree before slowing down to regular pace to recover before doing so again. Cooling down immediately after session ends is important. Recommended distance of 10KM.
Last session untuk Saucony Training. Bertempat di Taman Bukit Jalil. Macam biasa start pukul 7AM. Konsep training kali ini 'Fartlek'. Satu pusingan Taman Bukit Jalil dalam 2.7KM. Kitarang buat 2 pusingan. 

Booth Saucony. Pic dari page Saucony Malaysia.

Trainer and Saucony Malaysia crew. Thanks Guys.

Sesi dimulakan dengan warm up. Lepas warm up je terus lari. Sesi kali ini agak keras. Speed kat bukit. Abis nyawa aku 1st round. Dapat non stop untuk 2km je. Lagi 600m jalan je lebih.

Sesi pemanas badan.

Round 1 nak start.

Muka penat lepas pecut naik bukit.

Pace untuk 1st round.

Bukit Jalil Map.

Lap untuk 1st round.

Lepas abis 1st round, berhenti sekejap. Minum air.. Dalam 5-10 minit macam tu. Then sambung balik untuk 2nd round.

Round 2 nak start.

Pace 2nd round. Slow skit sebab dah tekan abis masa 1st round.

Line yang warna merah maknanya aku lari dengan HR lebih dari 80%.

Lap untuk 2nd round.

Lepas habis 2nd round, Frank ajak lari bersama dia untuk 'Time Trial'. Aku dah tak sanggup sebab tak pernah buat Fartlek ni. Nafas dah abis. So aku tak join diorang.

Melepak sementara menunggu geng Time Trial abis lari.

Apa yang aku buat ntah tu..

Time Trial – Combining the best of tempo runs, interval and fartlek, time trial is a workout that pushes and challenges runners beyond the comfort zone in building of lactate tolerance level through continuous running at high pace. Risk involves heavy impact and out of breathe but should proper warm up be executed before hand, the 2 risk can be minimised by good running posture which will then result in good breathing pattern. Cooling down immediately after session ends is important. Recommended distance at 8KM to 10KM and to alternate weekly with interval or fartlek training. Eg. Interval or fartlek training for week 1, follow by time trial for week 2.

Sesi calm down.

Sesi Q&A

Lepas abis sesi kene la bergambar dahulu. 

Bersama-sama geng RKs.

Gambar kebanyakan ambil dari Saucony Malaysia FB Page.

Lepas tu bersambung makanthon di kedai mamak.

Kesimpulan dari hasil 4 sesi training dengan Saucony :
- Aku amat berpuas hati dengan jenis2 latihan yang diajar semasa training. Semua latihan yang diajar tak pernah aku lakukan sebelum ni.

- Organizer best. Bole test kasut Saucony setiap kali sesi latihan.

- Air disediakan setiap sesi latihan. Revive dan air mineral.

- Trainer yang best. Banyak tip dapat.

- Ramai geng RKs join :)

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