Thursday, January 8, 2015

Garmin - Team 2ndskin Running Clinic 2015

Garmin - Team 2ndskin Running Clinic 2015!

As earlier mentioned (in some of our blog postings and updates), we would like to officially announce the Garmin - Team 2ndskin Running Clinic 2015! 
If you're a beginner looking to improve, or an intermediate runner seeking the little answers that will improve your performance, sign up for our running clinic today! 
Garmin, being leaders in their industry and always looking to give back to the community will also be allowing you to try on their GPS watches during test run at the clinic!
To top it all off, a mystery gift will be given to the top performer! 
Register now at 
Fee is RM20 per person for 3 sessions per quarter, each session will only accommodate 30 people (limited!)
Sign up and spread the word!

Aku tak pernah attend clinic ni lagi, tapi kawan aku pernah join dan dia memang rekomen sangat clinic ni. Sangat bagus katanya. Aku tgh usha tarikh supaya tak clash dengan mana-mana event :) 

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