Monday, June 23, 2014

The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014 Running Clinic

Do you have any query about your running techniques?
Come and join us for The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014 Running Clinic at Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya Park this coming Saturday morning (28th June 2014) at 7am. All runners are welcome to participate.
Jeff Ooi and Karen Loh will be conducting this running clinic to assist you to excel further on your running techniques especially to all first time full marathon runners out there.
Jeff and Karen have completed numerous ultra marathons and full marathons. With their experience, we are sure you could get some useful tips of do's and don't s for your run.
There will also be product knowledge talk for Hammer Nutrition, New Balance, Garmin, Rocktape, 2XU and Nathan.
Please register yourself here: Click here
Click here for the meeting up location
This great event is made possible by Volkswagen Malaysia.

Memang teringin nak join clinic nie sebab aku join THE RIVER JUNGLE MARATHON 2014 event. Full Marathon. Tapi date yang sama aku dah letak nama untuk join LSD 15KM dengan Running Kaki FB group.

Ish bole sama tarikh la pulak. Tengah pikir nak pergi mana satu ni. Clinic ni ok jugak sebab dekat dengan rumah.

Aku tak join clinic ni. Aku pergi buat LSD dengan group Running Kaki FB. Lari 15km.

Ni ada video dari clinic tersebut:

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