Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ACEndurance - Road to PBIM Season 2 (2014) Clinic

Introduction to the "ACEndurance - Road to PBIM Season 2 (2014)"
With our mission to empower and inspire individuals with our passion for sports, we are pleased to start ACEndurance - Road to PBIM Season 2 (2014) soon after what we had achieved in ACE Road to PBIM 2013!
The Class of 2013 improved and achieved their SMART Goal with our SMART Training Principles.
This year, we have a NEW partner in training! We have incorporated the "Original Bootcamp" Program to help you cross train to condition your body and to improve your strength as a runner!
ACEndurance (ACE):ACEndurance is created to train individuals towards a particular race in a small group session, with a personalised structured training program to help individuals to achieve their specific personal race goals. 
ACAC Training Method:ACEndurance (ACE) "Road To PBIM 2014 - SMART Runner Series" is based on Heart Rate Training. Heart Rate Training is an individual and smart way to improve fitness and performance. Our training plans are based on heart rate zones to ensure you will get to your goal faster. 
ACAC Training Principles:S.M.A.R.T training principles is to give you a clear direction towards achieving your goal. Achieving goals is not a quick process. Despite a well thought out plan, if you don’t stick to it, you will likely fail. By doing it the SMART way, you can keep track of your progress toward a specific goal which will motivate you to achieve the ultimate and realistic result.
For more info or enquiries about the program, email us at Registration will open soon!

Clinic lagi yang dianjurkan oleh ACAC. Saper2 yang berminat bole email ke

For those who are still interested, please email us at as the slots are filling up fast. Thank you.


This is a 12-Weeks Program with ACAC Run Sessions and Original Bootcamp Workout Sessions, catered for Full Marathon (42.195km), Half Marathon (21km) and 10km. The package fee of this program is RM300 per pax. 

We limit the Season 2 (2014) Class to 20 passionate runners only and we need your prompt reply if you are keen to join this program. We will give priority to POLAR Heart Rate users because our coaching team analyses your progress with the POLAR training data analysis system. For non-POLAR users, we will loan a POLAR Run Series unit at RM100 for use during the 12-Weeks Program.

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